Customize a WordPress Theme

WordPress for Small Businesses

Don’t waste your money on a custom website if you are a small business. It’s not get a good return on investment.

As a leading web designer in Wilmington, DE for the last 8 years, I have built a lot of beautiful, custom websites for businesses and organizations. Clients love their new shiny website.

However, there is a drawback. Custom website design and development is time and labor intensive. The costs for this approach is very expensive. A small business owner myself, we have limited marketing dollars. I would suggest not using a large chunk for this type of project.

If a shiny website falls in the woods will anyone hear it?

Once the website is built, how do you drive traffic to it when your budget is shot? How do you get found on Google? How do you manage the content? And the list goes on.

There is, in my opinion, a better solution.

Customize a WordPress theme by a professional designer for a powerful website.

 Build an amazing experience for your visitors with a branded website that is so polished, that you will never again lose a customer from a poor web presence. And, if your website is poor, you are losing customers. 
  • Manage your site easily with a full content management system (requires no technical or programming skills to use or manage).
  • Connect with your fans by integrating your social media in your website and spread the work with social-media sharing buttons.
  • A framework that is extremely flexible and scalable, making it almost infinitely extensible.
  • Sell products with e-commerce.
  • Get high rankings on Google – WordPress is awesome for SEO optimization.
  • Look amazing in smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.
  • Capture emails with newsletter forms and surveys.
  • Add some bling with the animated hero images and photo galleries.
  • And much, much more.

Get all of this for a fraction of a custom developed site. Now you can spend the savings on other advertising and marketing initiatives!

If you are a small business in Delaware, or Chester County, Pennsylvania, review our honest pricing and spend your money on a comprehensive web strategy. That’s good return on investment.


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